Design validation

Plan product quality, straight from design stage.

testing labfor plastics

Experts in product design, Hybster supports project owners or manufacturers, from the idea to the finished product, and particularly in the design phase with the validation of your design. The target ? To ensure that you satisfy your users to the fullest.

Our know-how and skills acquired in the field of plastic injection moulding allows us to design your injection moulded parts from start to finish. Our project monitoring, including the product validation stage, enables us to rationalise the processes.

Our project follow-up, including the product validation stage, enables us to streamline processes.

Validation tests guarantee the quality level of a product. For this, we offer various solutions:

  • 3D measuring on plastic parts 

  • Mold cavity 3D measuring 

  • Laboratory tests 

  • working tests 

  • Product and process capabilities

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