Design rules for plastic parts - Screwing

Joining plastic parts by screwing is a very common operation. However, there are a few design rules that must be followed to ensure a reliable assembly over time.
The thermoplastic materials require suitable screws. For several years, suppliers such as Ejot, screwerk or schriever offer special profile screws for standard and technical plastics with or without glass or carbon fibres.
Below are the design rules for plastic parts :

The advantages are numerous.

  1. Optimal screwing of the plastic material
  2. Minimum radial voltages
  3. Long screw life under static and dynamic loads
  4. Low notching moments
  5. No risk of relaxation
  6. 10 times guaranteed screwing
  7. The unique screwing geometry
  8. The thread geometry is the result of an optimal connection and self-loosening in the plastic.
  9. High loading force due to wide flank coverage on the load-bearing side

We also propose you, below, a tool for dimensioning the screwing barrels.
This design rule for screw assembly in plastic parts is a guide to be adapted to the supply used.