The integrated plastics engineering office what are the advantages? - Hybster

At hybster, we have chosen to have an integrated plastics engineering office, and here is why:

For design reliability

Engineers, draughtsmen, techniciansThe entire BE Plastics Division is mobilised on a daily basis to provide a reliable constructive response and economic.

This centre of expertise is also the assurance of a full reactivity. Indeed, this expertiseThis ensures that a project is designed in only a few days.

Finally, benefiting from a Integrated B.E. avoids the need to choose an external service provider who will then have to liaise with the manufacturer. In fact, benefiting from such a service makes it possible to make a real savings in time and money.  

To go faster

The members of an integrated design office work together at a very early stage on the problems of the product, which allows considerable time savingsas well as a better control of risks et du planning .

Pas d’aller et retour entre prestataires, ni de délais d’attente d’information,pas de conception théorique irréalistes et irréalisables ! Mais un respect des engagements et des conceptions réalistes !

To prepare for production

Our project managers and draughtsmen are at the heart of the factory, and each design is validated by a DFM (design for manufacturing) study, carried out by our methods and manufacturing departments.

Your design also requires metal components, electronic cards, electrical harnesses, textiles or anything problem! We have a network of local professionals who share the same sense of commitment and customer service!

By bringing together professionals who are used to working together, the client can focus on their needs and the product they wish to develop, without having to worry about the different trades involved.

This joint approach is close to an agile methodology and allows for coherent responses to each client's needs.

We also involve our material suppliers in the early stages of the design process, so that we can benefit from their expertise for each application:

  • Food contact,
  • Drinking water,
  • Bi Matière,
  • Waterproofing,
  • High temperatures,
  • Thermal or electrical conductors,
  • Résistance mécanique ,
  • Thermoplastic composites ,
  • Touch and haptics ,
  • Fire resistance ,
  • Resistance to hydrocarbons
  • ...

What types of projects does Hybster work on?

Whether it is a single component, a decorated part or a complex assembly, each project is studied taking into account its use, its environment, external constraints and its projected cost.

Real industrial design professionalsexperts, the B.E. hybster study and propose a project that meets every business requirement.

Once prepared, our proposal is presented by one of our project manager that provides a clear vision of the future product. Professional of plastic partsHe will be able to provide all the answers to the client's questions.

To benefit from an initial study, nothing could be easier. Just fill in the form in click on the link below. A project manager will contact you, give you a detailed overview of your project and forward it to our engineering office. The latter will prepare a first approach. Once this is done, your dedicated account managerWe will present you with a personalised result that meets your expectations. This first study will enable you to put your idea on paper.

Contact us now to benefit from it.

To go further...

Our team also specialises in Design to cost, Design for Assembly, Design for recycling and Design for repairability