Respecting uses and needs with a user centric approach.

Design de validation

Change is unavoidable and is accelerating at an exponential rate.

New players are threatening your market position? Your products are becoming obsolete or do not fully meet your customers' demands... or you want to convert and retain more customers? Experts in product design and manufacturing of plastic and metal parts, We have solutions for you.

From the first drafts, engineering, validation to production. Let's work hand in hand to design your innovative product!

Hybster assists you in all stages of product design

Industrial design is an essential preliminary phase in the development of each product. It requires a specific and professional support. At the service of product innovation, Hybster assists you from the definition of your strategy to the industrialization, through project scoping and definition of functions and costs. To do this, we rely on the Design Thinking methodology and on co-design.

Our goal?

To give your product an appealing, functional and durable shape, in line with your strategy and your brand image.

A quick and efficient response to all your requests

With Hybster, you have the assurance that your development phase will be a success. A dedicated project manager accompanies each client, project owner, startup company , VSE, SME or large group in the design of its industrial products. He analyses your needs and designs your products and moulds.

We are also able to advise you on the choice of material, depending on the constraints. With Hybster, you can be sure of working hand in hand with an innovation driven expert.



big steps of the project

concept design

Define the needs and targets
Together, we draw up the specifications for your product, formalizing a list of requirements and defining the user and usage.

The product specification is the cornerstone of the collaboration, and will follow the project from start to finish.

Our team will not only contribute its expertise in project framing, but will also be able to propose product, process and material innovations.


Materializing desire
Materialization of the concept, in the form of a 3D file that already incorporates manufacturing constraints (shapes, thicknesses, tolerances, materials). At this stage, we select the right material for the application.

The various stages of the life cycle are scrutinized to ensure that the product is repairable, durable and eco-designed.


At last, something real!
Before the investment is launched, prototypes are used to highlight potential improvements, test the concept with users or carry out initial communications.

Depending on the purpose of the prototypes, several choices are offered to anticipate product evolution as far as possible.


To prepare for production
The design is ready, the specifications have been finalised and the prototypes validated....Go! We're off to production.

Our partners and your project manager work together on a daily basis to produce injection moulds, control jigs and assembly lines that comply with the functions and quality expected of the product.
plastic injection moulding


Certify that everything is going perfectly!
Approval (certification) is a crucial stage in the launch of a product on the market. This is when all the previous stages are judged, criticised and validated by laboratory tests and precise measurements to guarantee total user satisfaction.


Manufacturing is on !
The natural outcome of this long process is small, medium or large-scale production.
We use our latest high-performance machinery to optimise quality, cost and lead times as far as possible.

Continuous improvement

Don't rest on your laurels!
Continuous improvement is an integral part of product life. Once we've had enough time to reflect, let's take stock of our first sales, customer feedback and performance, and move on to the next steps.

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