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Moulding aesthetic parts

what is specific ?

The aesthetics of a plastic part convey the manufacturer's brand values, and reassure the end-user of the quality of the finished product.

The choice of plastic materials, the molding technologies chosen, the attention paid to surface finishes and colorimetry are all parameters to be taken into account in achieving perfection.

With many years' experience in plastic injection molding for automotive, electronics and electrical interiors, our team provides pragmatic, proven solutions to the various challenges posed by the manufacture of appearance parts using plastic injection molding.

The trend towards the use of recycled materials is also present in the plastic parts sector, notably through the electric mobility players. Hybster, true to its pioneering image, has invited numerous customers to adopt recycled materials for their projects:

  • Aesthetic Bezels
  • Human machine interface
  • Electronic enclosures
  • Electric appliances panels

    Initiated in the feasibility phase (Design for manufacturing), the management of part appearance is a predominant factor in the choice of product manufacturing method.

    Feel free to contact our product and process engineers for any requests you may have concerning the manufacture of your plastic appearance parts.