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An expert in industrial thermoplastic solutions, Hybster supports startups, project owners and industrial companies in the development of their plastic and mechanical products.

Hybster’s teams, is specialized in design accompaniment and small-series manufacturing,we are taking it step by step with you to build your project.

The user is at the heart of our concerns when developing your product. Experts in supporting innovation,we assist you by taking into account your budget constraints and manage a complete confidentiality of the projects. Indeed, Hybster advises you from the creation of the product to the manufacture in small series thanks to tools inexpensive and adapted to the volume.


The choice of the right plastic raw material is an essential step, and should take place as soon as possible.
No experience in plastic injection molding field ? Hybster advises and supports you gradually with tailormade services. Hybster creates your technical pieces and appearance pieces, 1K or 2K, also for small series.

Whatever your need for prototyping or making plastic parts and whatever its purpose (marketing meetings, user tests…), we will be able to answer with responsiveness and precision.

Hybster guarantees a perfect monitoring, at competitive prices, to allow you to quickly put your products on the market!

What could be better than getting a realistic prototype , very early in your thinking, which your users, customers or financial partners can test themselvesin real conditions ?



Hybster is every day alongside startups, VSEs and SMEs, in order to increase the chances of success of their projects. We offer targeted and punctual interventions or more transversal long-term support. We know that entrepreneurs’ time is precious and that their budget must be optimized. To precisely meet their needs, we build tailor-made support, training and study missions.


Regularly, some engineering firms make the mistake of focusing only on the product. By wanting to optimize it, they make it more complex. However, the services, the business model, user satisfaction and the environmental impact of the solution are all essential criteria to be taken into account in overall innovation support This is why Hybster is advising you on all aspects of your projects.


Innovation, by definition, generates many uncertainties and risks. It is therefore not always easy to build a clear path to reach the targets. Hybster offers a simple, affordable and pragmatic project management methodology, perfectly suited to small structures.

1 – Understanding your market

2 – Create a Minimum viable Product (MVP)

3 – Deploy on the market

Define the problemyou want to solve with your product

Identify your target, your market: who encounters this problem?

Understand how to solve this problem: the product to develop

Define your indicators: on which element (s) do you rely to say that your product is viable, that it meets the needs of the market and that you have succeeded in reaching your target

Build a product with only the high added value function

Measure target audience feedback

Learn and refine the product(and start again?)

Support the growth of the project, with suitable industrial tools

66/5000 Continually reduce costs to make your growth profitable

Thanks to Hybster, you can generate savings on functions or components that do not generate added value for your brand or for the user. This will allow you to focus on functions that make a difference !

This approach is possible, quickly and easily since Hybster integrates all the stages of the product life cycle:

Thanks to innovative technologies, we propose more efficient, cheaper plastic product, produced faster and locally.


The Hybster team is involved strategically and operationally in the success of your project.

105/5000 Thanks to expert and proven approaches, we support the bearers of ideas throughout the project. We define together benchmarks that allow us to approach the project in a calm and controlled manner. We help to identify and select the appropriate tools and methods … but also to know how to do without them when they are not essential!


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Each product, each project is a new challenge for us which we take up with enthusiasm and all our expertise.
What could be better than meeting to understand your objectives, your markets and your products.
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