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For product design :

  • Solution 1 : Invoicing by month For long term projects, some of our customers prefer to be invoiced each month. we have no problem with that !
  • Solution 2 : Invoicing by phase Each project is split into different phases. Each phase has a milestones. Some of our clients like to link the invoices and payment to milestones, this is ok for us !
  • Solution 3 : Payment in advance (for all new customers, we require a deposit of 25% on the quoted amount).

Payment terms are 30 to 45 days maximum (except for deposit : Net).

Prototyping :

Our preffered payment method is payment at order.
For returning customers, we can accept payments at 30 or 45 days. (conditions may apply).

Mold making :

Prototype molds :
70% at order – Net
30% at 1st parts delivered – net

Production molds :
30% at order (net)
30 % at mold design approval (30 days)
20 % at 1st parts delivery (30 days)
20% at 1st parts approval – Mold delivery (30 days)

Mold modifications and fine tuning :

30 days after modification completed.

Injection molding and serial production :

30 days net after parts delivery.