2 component injection moulding
pour la maison et les loisirs

We offer you a complete range of services from product design to final product delivery.

des produits pour desvies faciles

Expert en injection plastique pour de nombreux secteurs d'activité, Hybster propose également des services de fabrication et de conception de produits plastiques ménager.

As aacteur de la grande distributionyou know that the production des pièces en injection plastique increasingly concerns everyday objects. Your current suppliers do not give you the opportunity to stand out from your competitors? Differentiate yourself and create products that are truly different!

Thanks to its many years of experience in specialized distributionThe Hybster team offers innovative technical solutions to private labels. Buyers, development engineers, product managers of non-food brands... reinvent your products according to your cost, security and confidentiality requirements.

You want to reduce the costs of mould making? You want to launch a new product? Hybster can help you, from the design of plastic parts for mass distribution to their manufacture. Our experience allows us to meet the most demanding requirements.


With Hybster, you can save money on features or components that do not add value to your brand or to the user. You will be able to focus on the high value-added features.                                          

This is possible, quickly and easily since Hybster integrates all stages of the product life cycle:                                                                                                 

  • Product design
  • rapid     
  • Industrialization           
  • Manufacturing

Thanks to innovative technologies, you will be able to have a better performing, cheaper and faster manufactured plastic injection moulded product.


The Hybster team is involved strategically and operationally in the success of your project.

Thanks to expert and proven approaches, we support the idea holders throughout the project. We define package benchmarks that allow to approach the project in a serene and controlled way. We help identify and select the appropriate tools and methods... but also to know how to do without them when they are not essential!

2 component injection moulding
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