Hybster has put in place different levels of security to actively and permanently protect the confidentiality of its clients' projects.

Securing premises and data

We have invested in physical and electronic security systems for the protection of goods and data. All sensitive project information is stored on remote, secure servers. Access is given only to engineers who need to access the stored data. We have systematised the double authentication on all our servers since 2021.
Each customer and supplier visits are also kept in the access register to the building
L’accès au hall de production et au bureau d’études sont strictement encadrés par l’équipe de direction.

The NOA, and more!

Chacun des projet commence par la signature d’un confidentiality agreement with our client and external partners. Collaboration contracts, employment contracts of our employees are also written to ensure a high level of maximum discretion about our activities and those of our clients.

The results of our research and development work are also archived in a laboratory notebook.

Our projects are all codifiedThis is to ensure that only the information needed for development is passed on to our suppliers.